February 17, 2016

London Unsigned Live 12.02.16 – Review


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Reviewed by Rossco The Brave

BIG Love to all you top cats who came down to The Star Of Kings in Kings Cross to support a hand picked fistful of the brightest shooting stars currently lighting up our capital's thriving underground music scene! THANK YOU Very much indeedy, every single one of us dudes & dudettes taking to the stages, dancefloors, streets and garages across the land to kick out the jams and support one another as we always have done and always will, continuingĀ to make our beloved London Town the Rock 'n' Roll Headquarters of the World... Wallop!

Lighting the touch paper in extraordinary style last Friday night in London's Kings Cross was the beautiful sound and vision of Christina Boonstra. From the very first chord Christina strums, this wonderful Watford songstress has the whole crowd mesmerised. Beautifully crafty songs played with a smile beaming as bright as her groovy guitar playing, her tuneful stories of love, life & laughter can melt the heart of even the biggest bouncer on the door, and have your brother spin right round and step straight back on that plane home from Sydney before he can say "a schooner of Toohey's please mate!"... click here to witness her amazing talents for yourselves and be sure to spread the love for Christina. The future's bright... The future's Boonstra! Check out Christinas brilliant blog https://christinaboonstra.wordpress.com/

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Straight outta Saaaf London, Electro Rockers: Elephants & Castles played a raucously fantastic stripped back set of their catchy & oh-so-fuckin-vibrant tunes with the most brilliant sounding Rock 'n' Roll Clarinet you've ever heard in your life!! Chris, Robin and Ausias put together a fine set to provide the expectant crowd with exactly what they wanted! Featuring 'Red Lemonade' and new track 'Concrete love' Finishing the set with a stripped back version of the epic L.I.L.O - Elephants and Castles do something different - You've got to see & hear it to believe it, get on over to their FACEBOOK page and GET DOWN!

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The Chancers were by no means living up to their name when front-man Callum Gray took to the stage at The Star Of Kings. Despite the band not being able to make the show in full, their top dog done the whole band proud with blisteringly beautiful renditions of their top hole Indie Rock 'n' Roll bangers! Energy filled the room as he played to a packed pub and had us all eating out of the palm of his hand. When one man alone can work his magic bringing every song to life, there is literally no limit to how much fun they're going to provide crowds up & down the country this year! The Chancers are going places, BIG style! Take a chance and mark our words....

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BLOCK 33 ROCK!!! These 4 fellas comprising of 2 Braves (Steve "Keeno" Gardner bass & Matt Jelley drums) together with the hugely talented lead guitar upstart that is Jack Botterill & fronted by main man Dan Dodson stole the Star off the Kings Friday night, a performance worthy of topping a bill alongside the Britpop legends of the 90's. Block 33 are bringing back the spirit of an entire generation of working class kids burning up the city skyline with their passion and desire to get up and have it large, no matter what life throws at you! If you're lucky enough to remember how the resurrection of proper British Rock 'n' Roll had each and every one of us firing on all cylinders at the turn of the century, and are continuing to ride that wave right into the future no matter what your age, race, background or gender... These boys are your Ace in the pack! Play 'em fuckin LOUD and dance the whole night away, cos Block 33 are here to stay! So go on send the storm our way... We're in the Eye of the Hurricane!!
.... Stay tuned for a full review of Dan Dodson & Block 33's top class debut LP "In The Eye Of The Hurricane" this coming week, and a chance to win a signed copy of this classic album in the making!

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As if all this London Unsigned talent on show and burning brightly for the masses wasn't enough for the good people North of the River (Honest to gawd, how in the name of EMI have these artists not all been snapped up by the big crocs yet is beyond belief!!) Friday night's melting pot of Soulful Rock 'n' Roll was brought to the boil by none other than the incredible Isles taking to the stage, and in turn the entire audience one more time to the dancefloor for a firework display of a set fronted by the beautifully charismatic Amber charming everyone from the back of the bar to front of house! Safely backed by Miles, Luke and Oliver it was a truly sensational way to end the night the sounds of "Bury Me" reverberating around the place, leaving us all begging for more, but as we here at LUS towers know all to well, and as you our fellow super-fans of the underground understand better than anyone on the planet, as in music, as in life... Good things come to those who wait!

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See you at the bar for the next one! The pleasure is all ours, and ours is a Guinness šŸ˜‰ Cheers! Rossco, Dan & Joe x x x