London Unsigned Live #GIGDEUX 10.07.15


Featuring Du Bellows, Cortes, Arrows of Time and The Psycho Strangers

West London Du Bellows have a sound that needs to be heard around the world. Beautiful vocals, intricate guitar work backed by solid drums and Bass form a truly original sound.

Du Bellows regularly play around London and have numerous festival dates booked this summer. An ever growing fan base which include none other than Jimmy Page who has attended gigs in the past

"Du Bellows are by far one of the most interesting & musically adept bands I have seen recently. There is a cosmic counterpoint alive & well here" - Jimmy Page

Formed in the summer of 2012 London based ‘Cortes’ wrought a unique blend of vintage Rock – Band members Andy Cortes (Voc,Guitar,Keys) Tom Hill (Guitar,Voc) Marijus Aleksa (Drums) & Sam Davies (Bass) bring an absolute presence which is hard to categorise against current mainstream Artists; essentially they are their own making them stand out in today’s music scene.

“2014” was a busy year for Cortes, whilst on their first UK TOUR they managed to rack up an impressive string of LIVE gigs nationwide, appeared Live at the Tamsta festival (Lithuania), featured on NFTS Studio Live and secured airtime on one of the UK’s mainstream radio stations XfM.

Fresh from an appearance at The Isle of Wight festival grunge/stoner rock band Arrows of Time join LUS before embarking on a mini tour of Italy.

Lead Guitarist & Vocalist Will Stapleton who also plays live solo sets is the main focus of the band but heavy drums courtesy of Filippo Arecco and bass from Christopher Dunne give the band a power that comes across well on recordings but are a MUST SEE live band.

The Psycho Strangers will be travelling down from Leeds to play at the Star of Kings an exciting outfit with a message! The alternative punk band do not hold back in their words and every song has a message from the closures of the mines to excessive self adoring social media exploits!

A power packed set awaits that will kick off the night with a BANG

"Music was discovered as something that could be the outlet of rebellion that The Psycho Strangers so needed. From this discovery a passion was born, a chance to put our moral disgusts and problems into a platform for all to hear"

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