February 3, 2016

Studio Mixbutton – Your online mixing service – Part II


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London Unsigned bring to you Part II of the Mixbutton 5 tips to improve your mix

As part of our partnership with Mixbutton they will offer a 10% discount throughout 2016 for anyone that uses code LUS16 when checking out and we hope to be able to host some tracks mixed by mixbutton on our website very soon!

5 Tips to Top Your Mix

Part II - Mono Image EQ

Many of us want to get the mix sounding good early on, but mixing is a gradual process. A quick pan to the side often misleads your ear into hearing the respective instrument cleaner that it actually is. This is because the instrument is no longer competing in a frequency space.

Without disrupting your individual tracks, make sure the final output bus is in mono and start to EQ the different instruments. As they are all on top of each other and competing for space, you will find when you treat them you will have to work harder and have to be more precise.

After making sure all instruments can be heard and are working well together, change the final output back to stereo and you will find your mix sounding a lot better.

If you want to find out more please email Mixbutton info@mixbutton.com. Please remember to check back here for future articles